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Pentalver is the UK’s leading provider of ISO* containers. We have partner terminals throughout the UK and Northern Ireland and can arrange for a container or containers to be delivered anywhere in the world, either through our own transport fleet or through our integrated logistics team.

Importing new containers for 20+ years

Since 1999, we have imported more than 160,000 new containers for the self-storage market. We regularly import newly constructed containers from China. These travel to the UK with one load of cargo before being made available for sale to our customers (these are also known as ‘one-way’ or ‘once-used’ containers). This efficient container transportation method reduces costs for the customer.

If you would like to know more about our brand-new container products contact one of our container sales team now.

*An ISO container is any type of shipping container which is designed, manufactured, tested and certified to the standards of the International Standards Organisation which looks at size, strength and durability.

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