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A shipping container is a large corrugated steel box, designed and built with the suitability to withstand overseas shipment, storage and handling. Although there are many different types of shipping containers, they are all manufactured to the "International Standards Organisation" (more commonly known as ISO) specification with respect to their dimensions. They are predominantly used to transport a variety of cargo all over the world. Modern ISO containers are made entirely of a special steel called "Corten". A basic steel frame, fitted with 8 weight-bearing corner casting fitted into the 8 corners, is filled in with corrugated steel panels which are between 1.5mm to 3.00 mm thick. At one end is a pair of almost full width and height doors. These are fitted with normally 4 locking bars which interlock with the frame top and bottom. Almost all containers have a 27mm thick wooden ply floor, which is supported on load-bearing cross-bearers approximately 12 inches apart, making the container capable of withstanding loads of 20 to 35 tons depending on size. At Pentalver we offer containers in two conditions, once used containers (often called New) and second-hand containers. Our new shipping containers are built in China and used once to ship goods into the country while second-hand containers are usually ten years old or more. All our New Build Containers (often called a Once Used), manufactured from Corten Steel, a corrosion-resistant steel, and painted using high-quality shipping approved paint, have a life-span under normal European weather conditions of at least 30 years. They are all fitted with sidewall ventilation and a Lock Box to accommodate a padlock for optional additional security. Our new containers are imported and sold with all HMRC duties fully paid. Our containers for sale are available in various sizes, including the popular 20ft and 40ft, and a range of special types like High Cubes, Double Door and Openside.

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